Welcome, Tim Silva!

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    LogDNA is now Mezmo but the product you know and love is here to stay.

    LogDNA is excited to welcome Tim Silva as our newest Senior Product Designer. Tim is a Bay Area Native (Petaluma) and has experienced working as freelancer, with small startups, agencies, big companies (Microsoft, Intel, and Verizon), and even one of his own. Having worked mostly within the entertainment and media verticals, he's super happy to bring years of experience into the dev tools space. Check out Tim's magic moves!!

    New Hire Gif Tim Silva

    We asked him some important questions...

    What is your favorite food, drink, or restaurant? Mediterranean all the way!

    What's your favorite flavor of cake? Lemon

    Outside of being a product designer, do you like to do for fun? Card tricks, discovering new music, and the simple pleasure of walking.

    If you could instantly pick up a superhero power, what would it be? The ability to answer this question without having to go to Reddit for inspiration.

    What’s an interesting fact about you that people wouldn’t guess?

    I'm absurdly organized, a digital archivist, and a minimalist. These somewhat contradictory practices of mine keep me busy and on high alert for optimizations. My vision one day is to own as few possessions as possible, live out of a backpack, and have access to anything from my in digital format. I started this in 2011, and I'm ~30% of the way there.

    Welcome to the team, Tim!

    Come join the LogDNA family - we are hiring!  Learn more about Mezmo and check out our Careers Page.