5 Reasons Why Customers Choose Mezmo

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    I recently wrote about the importance of logging and how developers often overlook it in the software development process. Now that you’re convinced that you should be logging throughout the SDLC, it’s time to choose a reliable and dedicated log management platform. It'd be easy for me to sit here and say that you should use Mezmo, formerly LogDNA, simply because I work here and think highly of the product (I'm going to say it anyway, you should use Mezmo because I work here and think highly of the product). We both know that's not enough, though, so today, we're going to dive into a few things Mezmo's customers have said about just why they chose (and continue to choose) Mezmo. 


    It's no secret that Mezmo's interface is considered one of the simplest to use. When Employment Hero came to Mezmo from Elastic Stack, they were looking for a more user-friendly way to manage their logs that didn't require a ton of configuration. The unification of their log management needs under a single platform and in a single environment that was easy to implement made all the difference. Employment Hero ultimately chose Mezmo after comparing us to a few other platforms. 

    Another customer said that compared to their previous log management solution, CloudWatch, Mezmo is easier to navigate and provides an exceptional experience for querying logs. 

    Lastly, it’s fast to get up and running and our natural-language syntax allows anyone to use Mezmo without having to be a certified expert. 

    If you're looking for something simple that allows you to get in, get your information, and get out, Mezmo is for you. 


    Being a language-agnostic log management solution brings a significant perk to the table—you don't need to tailor your logging services to specific applications. Mezmo effortlessly unifies logs across all of your micro services and the infrastructure they’re running on, like Kubernetes. With just a few commands, you can deploy the agent or start ingesting logs using one of our code libraries. We automatically parse common log types on ingestion so that they’re easy to search and analyze. For everything else, we offer custom parsing templates to give you full control over how your logs are tokenized and how each field is formatted, without the frustration of writing regex.

    Information Democratization

    Developers credit Mezmo with providing access to logs to multiple roles across an organization without all of the standard red tape. Making information readily available allows developers to know when issues occur and what caused them so that they don’t have to ask their colleagues on the Ops team for this information to be able to troubleshoot and debug. 

    In modern teams where developers are tasked with owning the logging and monitoring of their applications throughout the entire development cycle, having a tool that fits seamlessly into their workflows is a must. It helps them manage key metrics like mean time to detection (MTTD) and resolution (MTTR) and allows the Ops  teams to focus on larger-scale initiatives. 

    Effective Alerting 

    Mezmo's numerous integrations across platforms like Slack, email, and PagerDuty allow for effective alerting where teams are already working. One of our customers noted that our system provides alerts that are so effective that script-building is avoided and "alerts from LogDNA [now Mezmo] don't have to be the first line of defense." 

    Even if it isn't your first line of defense, you can rest assured that you'll always be in the know about your systems, whether things are going swimmingly or taking a turn for the worse. 

    Features for Operational Excellence

    Our host of features such as Live Tail, Filters, Views, Alerts, Variable Retention, Browser Logger, and Mezmo Search pave the way for more informed troubleshooting and debugging.

    With these features, you're able to do things like: 

    • View a real-time stream that's updated as soon as Mezmo receives new log data
    • Obtain a single view of data from multiple sources
    • Focus on essential data with powerful searching and filtering
    • Perform complex or simple term string searches
    • Assign separate retention plans for different logs or groups of logs

    Needless to say, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 


    When you are looking for a log management solution that can fit your needs and provide a simple and effective way of doing things, it's hard to see any other choice over Mezmo. You don’t have to take my word for it— click this link to begin your 14-day free trial now.