Designing With and For Developers

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    LogDNA is now Mezmo but the product you know and love is here to stay.

    At LogDNA, design has been a part of our culture from the earliest days. We continuously iterate and seek opportunities to make our company-wide design culture inclusive, fun, and effective. Customers, customer success, solutions engineering, sales, marketing, and our powerhouse of engineers all contribute to our product design. We are here to listen to, support, and nurture useful ideas that can improve our product experience for our customers.

    Why It’s Easy

    • There is no shortage of thoughtful, nuanced feedback, both internally and externally.
    • Our customers are both technical creatives who are impact-driven and leaders of power-house teams driving those creatives.
    • Highly technical users like to see innovation and respond well to MVPs (minimum viable product). This means that we can ship designs early and iterate without being responsible for too many headaches compared to broader audiences outside of our space. For example, if you’re working on social media or educational apps, you can’t experiment as much with novel UI patterns that our highly technical customers are more likely to be familiar with. We don’t get too wild in our explorations, but it affords us a broader library of UI components to play with that can be more effective with our user base.
    • Internally, organic teams form when it comes to usability, user experience, and accessibility (#a11y!). For example, we have an internal Design System squad that spots and tackles usability pains, fortifies our most effective components and patterns, and keeps our shared knowledge fresh. This large volunteer group of front-end developers, managers, and designers jumped in to form this squad, which is one of our core values at LogDNA..
    • Our UI is beautiful, dark, and sleek. Each time I open up our product, I have a moment of gratitude that I get to participate in continuously sculpting something so useful and easy on the eyes. Pro users also know about and use our themes. Mocha is my favorite! It goes perfectly with my morning coffee routine.

    Why It’s Challenging

    • DevOps and Observability software is commoditized with tons of interchangeable stack options. It’s a competitive space with lots of churn and users are likely to change vendors based on their unique needs. We have to be intentional with every move, and aware of what the competition is doing. This environment shapes us all into world-class, business-minded problem solvers.
    • There are competing strategies (bootstrap vs. material, mobile-friendly vs. desktop-first, angular vs. react, feature teams vs. squads, feature-catch up vs. tackling greenfield market vectors, and so on…). In a commoditized market, there’s the potential for analysis paralysis.
    • Lastly, there’s just so much to do! Our product covers a wide territory of capabilities, and there’s always so much that we want to do in so many corners of the app.

    How You Can Help

    We are hiring on the Product team for Product Manager roles and Product Designers in both our core business as well as in greenfield products with massive potential!

    If you’re looking for an exciting new challenge with a focused, supportive team by your side, then these opportunities are waiting for you to apply. See all open roles here.

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