Why Mezmo Received the EMA Top 3 Award for Observability Platforms

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    LogDNA is now Mezmo but the product you know and love is here to stay.

    We’re honored to be included in Enterprise Management Associates’ EMA Top 3 Award for Observability Platforms. This award recognizes software products that help enterprises reach their digital transformation goals by optimizing product quality, time to market, cost, and ability to innovate—all the things we’re passionate about at Mezmo, formerly known as LogDNA. 

    The purpose of the EMA Top 3 decision guide is to present the reader with products that address the key business requirements and pain points in 2021. The EMA selection process follows five key steps. 

    1. Empirical: EMA identifies the specific key customer pain points for each one of the top challenges in DevOps, SRE, IT operations, and business in 2021. 
    2. Strategic: EMA evaluates how each product addresses the key pain points identified in step 1 and how it aligns with today’s most relevant technology trends. 
    3. Innovative: This criteria rewards products for breaking with legacy constraints in order to provide customers with truly innovative solutions. 
    4. Customer-Centric: EMA Top 3 Awards recognize a product’s radical focus on customer requirements instead of marketing an existing product as something new. 
    5. Specific: EMA Top 3 Award-winning products address quantifiable customer pain points.

    The Observability Market Segment

    Log Management and Observability EMA Top 3 award-winning products make it easy for enterprise customers to ingest, process, store, and analyze end-to-end operations data in full resolution, real time, and in a consolidated manner that simplifies troubleshooting, proactive planning, and application optimization. The “log everything” paradigm underlines the importance of capturing all aspects of the application stack within context and without exception. This requires the product’s pricing model, data architecture, analytics and machine learning engine, and management architecture to accommodate traditional enterprise apps and complex distributed applications alike. Simple tools for developers, operators, and SREs to quickly surface the required data are critical. The EMA Top 3 award-winning products in this category excel in all of these areas to help enterprises close any observability blind spots to enhance staff productivity and minimize operational risk.

    Why Mezmo Made the List

    Mezmo provides developers and operators with simple access and analysis of massively complex log analytics data coming from distributed cloud-native application stacks. Mezmo adds the ability to view log entries in real time (live tailing) and to see relevant Kubernetes events alongside their corresponding logs with Kubernetes Enrichment. This accelerates debugging and enables developers and operators to better understand the overall behavior of their application. Simplicity is specifically important when transitioning from monolithic applications toward distributed microservices-centric application architectures. Developers often struggle during this transition due the exploding number of code and infrastructure dependencies, and the lack of a single source of truth to connect to and view data that is critical for their specific challenge. Mezmo provides this single source of truth in an easy to access and manage platform. 

    To learn more, read the full report.
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    Tucker Callaway


    Tucker Callaway is the Chief Executive Officer of Mezmo. Tucker has more than 20 years of experience selling enterprise software, with an emphasis on developer and DevOps tools. Prior to Mezmo, Tucker served as CRO of Sauce Labs and Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Chef. He holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.