How To Profile and Optimize Telemetry Data: A Deep Dive

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    Authors: Brandon Shelton, Chelsea Wright, Braxton Johnston

    We recently had the privilege of presenting our telemetry data pipelining platform at Cloud Field Day. Today, we'd like to share a recap of our demo with you. In this demo, we explore the transformative potential of data profiling, telemetry pipeline optimization, and incident response. Foundationally, we follow an Understand, Optimize, and Respond workflow. To learn more, we encourage you to watch the full recording of our Cloud Field Day presentation for an in-depth look at what Mezmo can do for your telemetry data-driven engineering.

    Data Profiling Dashboard with Log Data Ranked and Categorized by Type

    Understanding Your Telemetry Data

    One of the first places our customers begin their Mezmo experience is by diving into the data profiling feature from our RnD labs. In real-time, Mezmo helps you unlock the value of your data by identifying patterns, volume-drivers, and high-value data elements. No more sifting through endless logs or navigating complex indexes – Mezmo provides a clear, intelligent lens through which to view your data.

    In our demo, we showcased an internal use case involving an API proxy service in which we reduced patterns by orders of magnitude while retaining information fidelity. Mezmo allowed us to quickly identify noisy data patterns and potential optimization opportunities. With Mezmo's data profiling, you can initiate intelligent conversations with your engineering team, ensuring your systems remain reliable.

    A Deep Dive into Data Optimization

    Mezmo's true power shines when we delve into data optimization. In the demo, we walked through a pipeline designed to reduce and optimize the flow our our internal observability data. Raw information can be overwhelming but Mezmo simplifies the process, enabling you to understand and manipulate your data effectively.

    In this use case, the SRE would select from a menu of recipes that include things such as filtering, data reduction processors, or events to metrics transformations. This allows you to roll up, group, and analyze your data–reducing the noise and optimizing its value.

    Data Optimization is Easy with Out-of-the-box Recipes

    Empowering Your Team with User-Friendly UX

    Mezmo's user experience is designed to make data control accessible to SREs, backend engineers and business managers alike. With a simple, intuitive interface, you can easily configure processors, apply transformations, and extract actionable insights from your data. For those who prefer a code-centric approach, Mezmo supports Terraform for scalable enterprise deployment.

    Response Handling in Real-Time

    Mezmo helps you respond to incidents in real time. We can trigger an incident mode via API calls and automatically handle data differently during an incident. Mezmo ensures that you have the right data when you need it most.

    Full Fidelity Data is Delivered to a SIEM, in this Example of Incident Mode

    Monitoring and Analyzing Data Flow

    With Mezmo, monitoring your data flow is straight-forward. Keep an eye on data ingress and egress, and gain insights into the performance of your pipelines. Mezmo provides essential metrics to help you optimize and control your data.

    Watch the Full Demo for a Deeper Dive

    Our Cloud Field Day demo only scratched the surface of what Mezmo can do for your telemetry data needs. To fully appreciate the capabilities and potential of our platform, we invite you to watch the full recording of our presentation. Whether you're an engineer, a data analyst, or a business leader, Mezmo empowers you to take control of your observability data and turn it into a valuable asset.

    Ready to embark on your data journey with Mezmo? Watch the demo, explore our platform, and unlock the true potential of your data. Stay tuned for more exciting developments, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized demonstration.