Achieving An Award-Winning Employee Experience at Mezmo

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    Mezmo is an Employee Experience Leader in the Reworked Impact Awards, 2022!

    We’re honoured to be recognised for the work we do to make Mezmo an exceptional remote-first workplace, where people are enabled to deliver their best work and live their best lives – wherever they are in the world.

    The company’s shift from hybrid to fully-remote working was first prompted by the 2020 pandemic – but the decision to make Mezmo an incredible remote-first workplace has been an intentional choice, reflecting the team’s shared values, learnings, and vision for the future. 

    “Evolving as a company and solving critical problems for our customers starts with ensuring our own people are engaged, healthy and productive.” 
    Tucker Callaway, CEO at Mezmo

    Among our top projects for enhancing employee experience at Mezmo in 2022 were new hire onboarding and manager enablement.

    As a growing, distributed organisation spanning more than 8 time zones, it was critical that we find a way to welcome, train, and connect new employees asynchronously – meeting and immersing them in all-things-Mezmo on their own terms.

    We wanted a solution that would allow us to offer a more personalised, interactive, and flexible learning experience to all new joiners – a way of providing them the right information at the right time remotely, without merely asking them to read a digital handbook. 

    With the ability to embed video content, quizzes and polls, promote discussion forums, and so much more, Eduflow fit the bill!

    Using the Eduflow platform, we designed an onboarding experience that blends self-paced, targeted learning with virtual face-to-face sessions and key tasks that help new Mezmos immediately feel connected, engaged, and able to contribute meaningfully in their role. 

    With tailored learning sections specific to their place in the org, reflection activities on company values, and prompts to join social activities and community groups (like our 5 Employee Resource Groups) – finding deeper connection and meaning are at the heart of our onboarding experience. They’re also among the most celebrated aspects of it by new joiners, but you don’t have to take our word for it:

    “Mezmo's onboarding was the best onboarding experience I've ever had. The onboarding was thorough, culturally sensitive, inclusive, friendly, and open to feedback. I wish every company had this level of onboarding!”
    – Joshua Scott, Senior Product Manager at Mezmo
    “Mezmo's approach to onboarding is easy-to-follow and collaborative across multiple teams. This allowed me to get a good overall understanding of not just my responsibilities but of the organization as a whole.”
    – Chelsea Wright, Customer Success Manager

    “The process of being hired and joining Mezmo was a great experience. They took a normally stressful and drawn out process and made it fast and easy. During the onboarding process I met with several helpful, welcoming, and friendly people that assisted me in getting started with my equipment, understanding Mezmo's vision/culture, and handling the logistics of starting a new job. My hiring manager created a tailored onboarding checklist that helped me quickly ramp up and get started committing code right away.  Throughout the hiring, and onboarding process I was able to sense that Mezmo has a deep culture of caring. This culture and the talented people it attracts make Mezmo a great place to do your best work!”
    – Michael Penick, Senior Software Engineer

    Mezmos also connect over common interests in community Slack channels like #rock-climbing, #cooking, and even #skincare. There’s a space for everyone and we enjoy when the team discovers new ways of ensuring every person feels that they belong here.

    Setting our people up for success and belonging doesn’t stop there though.

    Another concentration for us in enhancing overall Employee Experience in 2022 has been manager enablement. We recognise the manager-employee relationship as one of the most powerful contributing to employee engagement and inclusion. Our managers are genuinely driven to maximise the professional success and personal growth of their individual teams.

    A pronounced appetite for additional training and resources in effective leadership of remote teams, feedback skills, 1:1s and broader people development led us to partner with the expert LifeLabs on a pointed manager training program.

    Delivering sought-after sessions to managers on an opt-in basis, we saw incredible participation and received stellar feedback on the overall program. 100% of managers at Mezmo joined at least one of the LifeLabs sessions; and 100% of participating managers rated the sessions as both useful and engaging.

    “The LifeLabs training experience provided a great mix of learning, in-depth interactions with my peers, and resources that I can use in my day-to-day. It was a great opportunity for me to take a step back from my daily work to evaluate my abilities as a manager, and make a plan for how I can improve. I’m grateful to work for a company that invests in programs like this so I can continually level up my skills."
    – Alissa Lydon, Director of Product Marketing
    “The LifeLabs training gave managers the opportunity to role-play actual workplace scenarios in small breakout groups. This sharpened my teeth on different conflict resolution best practices in addition to my ability to adapt my communication style to meet others where they are. Working in a remote-first environment, it's crucial to consider and exercise these dynamic communication techniques. I feel better prepared as a result of our LifeLabs sessions with leaders across my company.”
    – Sam Gurdus, Senior Director of Customer Success
    “Providing training in a remote environment can be challenging, which is why I've found the LifeLabs structure and approach very useful. The smaller sections ensure that people can carve out the time from their days. The topics so far have been applicable to day to day work, which is crucial for remembering and applying what's learned.”
    – Adam Hattrell, Engineering Manager

    In completing our most-recent employee engagement survey, people also offered high-praise to managers by name – citing specific manager behaviours that support and create the right conditions for folks to thrive, such as listening, emphasising work-life balance and autonomy.

    While we are proud of the strides made in 2022, Mezmo’s electrified ambition means we’re never fully satisfied or feel our work is done.

    Looking into 2023, our concentration is to drive forward our DEIB and people development strategies while continuing improvements across the whole employee lifecycle. 

    “Enhancing the Employee Experience inherently means focusing on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) – and I am encouraged by the level of investment going toward increasing our company’s DEIB programs and commitments in 2023. There is so much opportunity for us to make a meaningful difference here.”
    Anna-Marie Gutierrez-Lee, Director of Talent Acquisition

    We very much believe that by committing to DEIB and people development in tandem, we will move closer to achieving the kind of employee experience that everyone deserves. 

    We are proud of our commitment to always strive for better in these areas and more – if you share our mindset of continuous improvement, passion for people, and excellence in all you deliver, why not join us?

    Check out our careers page for all available opportunities now! 👈

    Mikaila Read


    Mikaila was the Remote Experience Manager at Mezmo. She is passionate about building inclusive and engaging cultures where all people are enabled to thrive — especially on remote, distributed, and fast-growing teams. When she wasn't leading strategic change initiatives to strengthen Mezmo’s culture and employee experience, you could usually find her indoor climbing or writing about the future of work.